Center for Global Entreprenuership

Language in International Business

Language is important in international business and global business expansion, the challenges in communication, language and translation spells the difference between success and failure in an international business. 

The course presents a thorough and rigorous analysis of language related to all aspects of global business, recognizing and appreciating the importance of language, its multifaceted role and the range of effects it may have on internationalizing firms. However, being aware of this multilingual reality is not enough - negotiating a contract, closing a deal, international management, networking, international marketing, risks determination, strategy and understanding regulatory requirements.

Several perspectives are explored, including the individual, the firm and the broader society in which language use is embedded. Empirical examples of language roles are identified through examining human resource management, international marketing and foreign operation modes and networks in business.

International Business

The world of global business exists within and beyond borders, The challenges confronting small and large businesses have become exponentially more complicated, providing service or determining supply and demand, regulatory requirements, economic and cultural implications of doing business on a global scale, including foreign exchange risks and language barriers when doing cross border transactions.

ASIB introduces sustainability programs to support participant aspirations of becoming a skilled "Entrepreneur".  We have lined up livelihood projects which can create global market demand. We help students design and complete applied research projects which focus on improving success. 

We at the ASIB Center for Global Entrepreneurship adhere to the principle of  "Experience is the Best Teacher," by building upon the ideas of our students, as we engage them with creative approaches to achieve their goals. We help them develop their ideas into businesses!

Our incubation program shall also explore funding their projects through various U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Programs to enable the Entrepreneur to pursue initial capital towards their vision.