ASIB Organization

The American School for International Business (AISB) teaches you core business skills along with specialized skills for:

  • Understanding the opportunities and risks involved with global financial markets and trade
  • Developing and directing teams drawn from international backgrounds
  • Planning strategic growth and expansion into global markets
  • Keeping your business operation on the right side of local laws and ethics
  • Communicating effectively to international business colleagues and market audiences

If you are seeking for a position at an international organization in a wide variety of industries as an international business manager, or you want to become an Global Entrepreneur, or you would like to go into international trade, ASIB is prepared to take you to that level by providing you quality continuing professional education (CPE) program to prepare you to launch a career of a lifetime.


1 - Justification of English Courses
Our Market for ASIB’s Study English Program

While we encourage Students, who want to pursue college education to enroll in our English Program, the focus of ASIB’s Study English Program is for Entrepreneurs whose vision is “to go Global”. ASIB is offering a very affordable participation fee, and yet the Program is essential in our daily business activities.

*International Trade and Finance
*PPP Institute
*Center for Global Entrepreneurship
*Language and Education

ASIB has created far three divisions in the school, namely: The Institute for International Trade and Finance, Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Institute and the Center for Entrepreneurship. Please see the below chart: