About Us

The American School for International Business (ASIB) is a training school specialized in International Business, International Trade and Finance, and Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).  We provide training programs that will lead to the development of sustainability programs for you as an Entrepreneur - a business incubator that helps and supports your vision of becoming a global entrepreneur.

The ASIB team, including its Faculty Members and Resource Speakers have a wealth of experience and training to make you realize your vision. ASIB’s training courses are designed to fit your “Local 2 Global” business requirements.  Our programs and course formats have evolved and improved to meet the needs of today's globalized, technology-driven business environment - and your needs have become our mandate - your success! Additionally we have also created a Center for Global Entrepreneurship.

Moreover, ASIB was born out of the vision of the Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP), an international non-profit organization registered in the State of New Jersey with numerous CTIP Chapters overseas expanding its advocacy of promoting local government capacity build up to support international trade and investments on a bilateral arrangement basis with local government units (LGU’s), connecting cities to cities and business to business.

CTIP's history of developing innovative events aimed at establishing, enhancing and exporting ideas and services through outreach opportunities such as webinars, conferences, forums and seminars, on topics identified by our global and local partners address such topics as:  Tourism, Economic Development, International Trade, Finance, Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), in addition to an array of international events on topics such as: The World of Global Business, Banking in New Jersey, Green Technology and Engineering and the State of Fishery Industry in the State of New Jersey creating Fishery Technology Center in New Jersey, all of which are attended by delegations from Ukraine and China respectively.